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Cassandra Technology

Cassandra Technology

Cassandra tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Cassandra. Our Cassandra tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both.
Cassandra is a NoSQL database which is distributed and scalable. It is provided by Apache.
Our Cassandra tutorial includes all topics of Cassandra such as features, architecture, Relational vs NoSQL, Cassandra vs HBase, installation, Keyspace, Table, Views, Cassandra Query Language, Security etc


A NoSQL database (sometimes called as Not Only SQL) is a database that provides a mechanism to store and retrieve data other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. These databases are schema-free, support easy replication, have simple API, eventually consistent, and can handle huge amounts of data.

The primary objective of a NoSQL database is to have

simplicity of design, horizontal scaling, and finer control over availability.
NoSql databases use different data structures compared to relational databases. It makes some operations faster in NoSQL. The suitability of a given NoSQL database depends on the problem it must solve.

Most important points of Cassandra:

Cassandra's distribution design is based on Amazon's Dynamo and its data model on Google's Bigtable.
Cassandra is scalable, consistent, and fault-tolerant.
Cassandra is a column-oriented database.
Cassandra is created at Facebook. It is totally different from relational database management systems.
Cassandra is being used by some of the biggest companies like Facebook, Twitter, Cisco, Rackspace, ebay, Twitter, Netflix, and more.
Cassandra follows a Dynamo-style replication model with no single point of failure, but adds a more powerful "column family" data model.
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